The Houston Modern Quilt Guild


The Houston Modern Quilt Guild is a non-profit organization made up of a fantastic group of quilters from Houston and the surrounding areas who lean toward a modern aesthetic of quilting. We are a part of the Modern Quilt Guild.

The mission of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild is to provide an environment that facilitates the creativity and concepts of modern quilt making. This is achieved by providing educational meetings, sponsoring quilting activities, outreach into the community via charitable donations,and promoting the appreciation and knowledge of modern quilts and quilting techniques.

In an effort to grow, challenge, and inspire our club, we like to interact with our members and guests as much as possible. From monthly meetings, to free workshops, and even socials and gatherings, there's always something to do with the Houston Modern Quilt Guild.

We would LOVE to have you come check us out - your first visit is on us!  For information about joining our group, click below.

The Modern Quilt Guild


The MQG developed out of the thriving online community of modern quilters and their desire to start meeting in person. The founding guild was formed in Los Angeles in October of 2009. Through blogs and the Internet, word spread quickly of the fun they were having and soon guilds started popping up everywhere. The MQG is a nonprofit corporation with IRS 501c3.

Our mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community.

The Modern Quilt Guild is made up of more than 200 guilds around the world. 

What is modern quilting?


Modern quilts are primarily functional and inspired by modern design. Modern quilters work in different styles and define modern quilting in different ways, but several characteristics often appear which may help identify a modern quilt.


These include, but are not limited to: the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, and alternate grid work. "Modern traditionalism" or the updating of classic quilt designs is also often seen in modern quilting.


Modern quilting has existed in many forms for much of the 20th century. It wasn't until the 2000's that quilts with a modern aesthetic began to appear in greater numbers and quilters began to describe themselves as modern.


The growth of the movement was facilitated by four factors: the cultural shift of quality design being recognized by the general public, affordable digital cameras, the changing fabric industry and the rise of social media.

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